Proposal Guidelines

We welcome new authors and new ideas particularly for courses in IS and CS that are under-served or lack a defining or innovative text.  To get started, please draft a new project proposal that includes the following information:

  • Book title and subtitle
  • Target course including title, level, brief description, pre-requisites
  • Key challenges for students and professors in this course
  • List of top books currently available for this course and why they do not meet your needs.
  • Your approach and how it will help address the key unaddressed challenges in the course.  Include key differentiating features, distinctive pedagogical features for students, and any unique instructor resources.  Also include a description of how the chapter might present the contents and features, for example, via brief chapters interspersed with detailed illustrations and example boxes.
  • Table of contents with list of topics or description for each chapter.
  • Brief bio for each author focusing on how your experience relates to the book topic
  • Brief writing sample that illustrates your ability to communicate to a student audience.  A draft chapter or section of a chapter that implements selected content and features from the proposal would be ideal.  A chapter from a previous publication at a similar level to the proposed text would be acceptable as well.

To submit a proposal or to discuss project ideas and the publishing process, email Beth Lang Golub at [email protected].