Student Resources


Click HERE to download the end-of-chapter Review Questions in Word format. This document also includes resources for the IT Infrastructure Design Case.



The author has created a set of Student Slides which can be used by students as note-taking guides during class.

Click HERE for Chapter 1 Student Slides.

Click HERE for a zip file of Student Slides for Chapters 2-4.

Click HERE for a zip file of Student Slides for Chapters 5-8

Click HERE for a zip file of Student Slides for Chapters 9-16.



  • Business Data Communications and IT Infrastructures, 2nd Edition contains 14 chapters (Chapters 1-14) plus 2 supplementary chapters (Supplementary Chapters 15 and 16).
  • The printed paperback includes Chapters 1 – 14 only.
  • Supplementary Chapters 15 & 16 are freely available to those who buy the printed paperback.
  • Click HERE to download a PDF of Supplementary Chapters 15 & 16.
  • The eTextbook includes Chapters 1-14 AND Supplementary Chapters 15 & 16.



There is a Companion Website for the book which is referenced at various places in the text. The site includes technology standards, particularly the easy-to-read RFCs such as IP, TCP, HTTP, SMTP, and NAT. The goal of the site is to provide additional readings including technical articles and reports to help students get a broader understanding of data communications. Click on the URL below to access the Companion Website. Note that this site is still under construction.



For a complete list of figures with page numbers from the printed text, click HERE.



Chapter 2, Hands-on Exercise spreadsheet file, noted on page 81 of the print version, Ch2_AM_multiplexing_example.xlsx:  Click HERE to download.