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Fundamentals of C# Programming for Information Systems

George C. Philip, The University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

Edition 1.0

Copyright 2017
Publication Date: July 25, 2016.

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Description & Features

Designed for an introductory programming course in C# for Information Systems majors, this book provides a solid foundation for building business applications. Programming concepts are discussed in the context of familiar practical applications that use graphical interfaces. A key feature of the book is that programming concepts are introduced in small chunks through examples and illustrations accompanied by hands-on tutorials. The tutorials, which are interspersed with the concepts, help students apply and explore what they learn, immediately.

  • Written by an experienced instructor
  • Ample illustrations and hands-on tutorials
  • Focus on business and other real-world applications that use a graphical interface
  • Review questions and exercises that enhance student interest and learning
  • Clear presentation of concepts
  • Ideal for novices and those experienced in other languages
  • Thorough coverage of fundamentals, databases, collections, and GUI, with an introduction to object-oriented programming

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Visual Studio and Programming

Chapter 2: Data Types

Chapter 3: Decision Structures and Validation

Chapter 4: Iteration Structure: Loops

Chapter 5: Methods

Chapter 6: Graphical User Interface Controls

Chapter 7: Arrays

Chapter 8: Sequential Files and Arrays

Chapter 9: Collections

Chapter 10: Graphical User Interface: Additional Controls

Chapter 11: Multi-form Applications and Menus

Chapter 12: Databases

Chapter 13: Object Oriented Programming (Online-Only Chapter, See Student Resources page)

Appendix A: Binary Files

Appendix B: Creating Databases

Appendix C: Answers to Review Questions