Dhillon: Information Security

Information Security: Text & Cases

Gurpreet Dhillon, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Edition 2.0

Copyright 2018
Publication Date: December 4, 2017

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Description & Features

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Designed for undergraduate and graduate information systems security courses, Dhillon’s text addresses both the technical and human side of information systems security. This text helps future managers understand the broad range of technical, managerial, ethical, and legal issues related to IS security, and equips them with specific tools and techniques to support effective IS security management.

  • Balanced coverage addresses the social and technical nature of IS security.
  • Presents key security challenges that IT managers commonly face.
  • Provides an analytical framework to conceptualize IS security problems.
  • Cases put the theoretical material in real-life context.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Information Systems Security: Nature and Scope

Part I: Technical Aspects of Information Systems Security

Chapter 2: Security of Technical Systems In Organizations
Chapter 3: Cryptography and Technical IS Security
Chapter 4: Network Security

Part II: Formal Aspects of Information Systems Security

Chapter 5: Planning for Information Systems Security
Chapter 6: Risk Management for Information Systems Security
Chapter 7: Information Systems Security Standards and Guidelines
Chapter 8: Responding to an Information Security Breach

Part III: Informal Aspects of Information Systems Security

Chapter 9: Behavioral Aspects of Information Systems Security
Chapter 10: Culture and Information System Security
Chapter 11: Ethical and Professional Issues in IS Security Management

Part IV: Regulatory Aspects of Information Systems Security

Chapter 12: Legal Aspects of Information System Security
Chapter 13: Computer Forensics
Chapter 14: Summary Principles for IS Security

Part V: Case Studies

Case Study 1: The Anthem Data Breach
Case Study 2: Process and Data Integrity Concerns in a Scheduling System
Case Study 3: Case of a Computer Hack
Case Study 4: Critical Infrastructure Protection: The Big Ten Power Company
Case Study 5: The Case of Sony’s PlayStation Network Breach