Drake: eCommerce


A Stakeholders Approach

John R. Drake, East Carolina University

Edition 1.0

Copyright 2020
Publication Date: July 8, 2019

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Description & Features

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eCommerce: A Stakeholder Approach explores the various stakeholders and work roles central to e-commerce success. Through analysis of the concerns of the manager, the user, the marketer, and the IT professional, students develop an appreciation of key decisions to be made and how design theory, IT/business strategic alignment, the sales funnel, and systems development interact with each other. Exploration of the challenges facing the systems analyst, the SEO specialist, the analytics specialist, and the security professional further enables students to delve into the complexity and trade-offs involved in real-world website and e-commerce decisions.

  • Stakeholders approach – Chapters are structured around stakeholders and work roles to help guide students in thinking about e-commerce initiatives in terms of people making the decisions.
  • Questions a stakeholder might ask – Throughout each chapter, sets of questions help students focus on key questions that stakeholders may need to answer on the job.
  • Mini-cases – Short cases at the beginning of each chapter are designed to spark student thinking and motivation.
  • Extended cases – Some chapters include a case study at the end, detailing how a stakeholder might address the key ideas in the chapter.
  • Boxes – Throughout each chapter, boxes provide anecdotal stories, examples, and related information.
  • List of key terms – At the end of each chapter, a list of key terms summarizes the ideas that students should learn.
  • Study questions – At the end of each chapter, the study questions frame the key terms through defining, integrating, applying, and internalizing the importance of each.
  • Hands-on exercises – At the end of each chapter, hands-on exercises provide materials that instructors may assign to spark deeper integration of ideas.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Making of E-commerce
Chapter 2: The Ethical, Legal, and Economic Consequences of E-commerce
Chapter 3: The Manager
Chapter 4: The User
Chapter 5: The Marketer
Chapter 6: The IT Professional
Chapter 7: The Systems Analyst
Chapter 8: Digital Media Analytics
Chapter 9: The SEO Specialist
Chapter 10: The Online Security Specialist

About the Author

Dr. John R. Drake is Associate Professor of Management Information Systems at East Carolina University. He holds a BS in Physics with Honors from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and a Ph.D. in Management of Information Technology and Innovation from Auburn University. Prior to his work in academia, Professor Drake was a web developer and consultant for five years. He still manages several web properties and consults with businesses on their e-commerce strategy and processes. His current research focuses on social media privacy, search strategies, biases in information systems development, and online education. His research has been published in journals such as AIS Transactions on HCI, Journal of Business Ethics, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application, and Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research.