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Database Systems: Introduction to Databases and Data Warehouses

Nenad Jukić, Loyola University Chicago
Susan Vrbsky, The University of Alabama
Svetlozar Nestorov, Loyola University Chicago

Edition 1.0

Copyright 2017
Publication Date: June 13, 2016

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Description & Features

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Designed for use in undergraduate and graduate information systems database courses, this is an introductory yet comprehensive text that requires no prerequisites. Its goal is to provide a significant level of database expertise to students. This edition was formerly published by Pearson Education, Inc, and is identical to that text except for some minor corrections. Key features include:

  • Covers operational and analytical database systems. Students will learn to design and use operational and analytical databases and will be prepared to apply their knowledge in today’s business environments.
  • Provides a theoretical foundation and meaningful hands-on experiences
  • The book’s website includes access to the free Web-based data modelling suite ERDPlus designed and developed in conjunction with the text. Students and instructors can use ERDPlus to create ER diagrams, relational schemas, and dimensional models (star schemas.) Click here for more info: erdplus.com

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1, Introduction

Part 1: Operational Databases

Chapter 2, Database Requirements and ER Modeling

Chapter 3, Relational Database Modeling

Chapter 4, Update Operations, Update Anomalies, and Normalization

Chapter 5, SQL

Chapter 6, Database Implementation and Use

Part 2: Analytical Databases

Chapter 7, Data Warehousing Concepts

Chapter 8, Data Warehouse and Data Mart Modeling

Chapter 9, Data Warehouse Implementation and Use

Part 3: Other Topics

Chapter 10, Overview of DBMS Functionalities and Database Administration


Appendix A, Enhanced ER

Appendix B, Further Notes on Normalization and Higher Normal Forms

Appendix C, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Appendix D, Data Governance and Master Data Management

Appendix E, Object-Oriented Databases

Appendix F, Distributed Databases, Parallel Databases, and Cloud Computing

Appendix G, Data Mining

Appendix H, XML

Appendix I, NOSQL Databases

Appendix J, Big Data