Fuller: Information Systems Project management

Edition 3.1 — Now available from Prospect Press!

IT Strategy: Issues and Practices

James D. McKeen, Queen’s University
Heather A. Smith, Queen’s University

Edition 3.1

Copyright 2018
Publication Date: June 15, 2017

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Description & Features

Designed for MIS courses where the goal is to understand how IT delivers organizational value, this text can be used in IT Strategy and IT Management courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The text combines the experiences and insights of many senior IT managers from leading-edge organizations with thorough academic research to bring important issues in IT management to life and demonstrate how IT strategy is put into action in contemporary businesses.

Edition 3.1 is a new lower-priced edition with three new chapters on contemporary issues. Otherwise, it is identical to the third edition formerly published by Pearson. The three new chapters are:

  • Chapter 3: Developing and Evolving a Digital Strategy
  • Chapter 11: Creating a Data Strategy
  • Chapter 13: Developing a Cloud Strategy

Table of Contents

Section I: Delivering Value with IT
Chapter 1: Developing and Delivering on the IT Value Proposition
Chapter 2: Developing IT Strategy for Business Value
Chapter 3: Developing and Evolving a Digital Strategy (NEW CHAPTER, replaces “Linking IT to Business Metrics” from Edition 3.0)
Chapter 4: Building a Strong Relationship with the Business
Chapter 5: Communicating with Business Managers
Chapter 6: Building Better IT Leaders from the Bottom Up

Delivering Business Value with IT at Hefty Hardware
Investing in TUFS
IT Planning at ModMeters

Section II: IT Governannce
Chapter 7: Creating IT Shared Services
Chapter 8: A Management Framework for IT Sourcing
Chapter 9: The IT Budgeting Process
Chapter 10: Managing IT-Based Risk
Chapter 11: Creating a Data Strategy (NEW CHAPTER, replace “Information Management: The Nexus of Business and IT” from Edition 3.0)

Shared Services at RR Communications
Enterprise Architecture at Nationstate Insurance
IT Investment at North American Financial

Section III: IT-Enabled Innovation
Chapter 12: Innovation with IT
Chapter 13: Developing a Cloud Strategy (NEW CHAPTER, replaced “Big Data and Social Media” from Edition 3.0)
Chapter14: Improving the Customer Experience: An IT Perspective
Chapter 15: Building Business Intelligence
Chapter 16: Enabling Collaboration with IT

Innovation at International Foods
Consumerization of Technology at IFG
CRM at Minitrex
Customer Service at Datatronics

Section IV: IT Portfolio Development and Managemant
Chapter 17: Application Portfolio Management
Chapter 18: Managing IT Demand
Chapter 19: Creating and Evolving a Technology Roadmap
Chapter 20: Enhancing Development Productivity
Chapter 21: Information Delivery: IT’s Evolving Role

Project Management at MM
Working Smarter at Continental Furniture International
Managing Technology at Genex Fuels