Information Systems for Managers:
Text & Cases

Edition 2.1

Gabriele Piccoli, Louisiana State University

Copyright 2016

Publication Date: June 3, 2015

Available as an eTextbook only.



ISBN: 978-1-943153-02-2.

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Description & Features

Edition 2.1 is an ebook version of the CURRENT second edition for use this summer and fall term until Edition 3.0 is ready.

The Edition 2.1 ebook content is exactly the same as the Wiley second edition (which is no longer available as an ebook) EXCEPT for the following changes:

  • The price is now $49.50 for students, directly from Vital Source or Red Shelf.
  • The Harvard cases (in chapters 3, 8, 12) have been removed.  Specifically, these are “Hilton Hotels,” “Carnival Cruise Lines,” and “Tripit.”
  • Selected photos and figures have been removed to streamline the text.
  • Selected screenshots have been replaced by links that direct readers to similar images and/or additional information.

This Edition 2.1 ebook can be used in place of either the TEXT & CASES or ESSENTIALS version of Piccoli from Wiley.